Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise: All-in-One Network Management

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise: All-in-One Network Management

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Jack Chen, CEO, Alcatel-LucentJack Chen, CEO
Alcatel-Lucent, with more than 100 years of experience in the enterprise networking and communications services industry, has been playing a crucial role in the ever-changing networking landscape with its state-of-the-art network management system. The company offers a complete suite of tools that helps customers grow their business, simplify networking issues, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance. “Our mission is to make everything connect to create the customized technology experiences customers need,” notes Jack Chen, CEO, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

ALE is on a mission to deliver communications and infrastructure solutions mainly to IT engineers, business operators, and executives that allows them to connect to a digital world through On-premises, Hybrid, and Cloud platforms. The company is at the forefront of offering enterprise networking and communications services to over 830,000 customers worldwide. With global reach and local focus, their 2200+ employees and 2900+ partners serve across 50 countries marketed under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand. They also integrate systems, deploy analytics, and leverage mobility and the Internet of Things through innovative new business models to lay the foundations for all future innovations.

From fixed and chassis LAN switches, WAN and WLAN, to applications, security, and management tools, ALE network products support clients’ IT needs now and into the future. ALE’s extensive range of network products provides a wide variety of choices for their clients. ALE’s suite of networking management products includes OmniVista Cirrus, OmniVista2500 NMS, PALM, OmniVista 2500 VMM, OmniVista 3600 Air Manager, ClearPass Policy Management System.

OmniVista Cirrus is a cloud-based solution that helps customers in managing an entire network to keep up with the business requirements.

Our mission is to make everything connect to create the customized technology experiences customers need

OmniVista2500 NMS, on the other hand, is a solution that allows in cohesive management and providing network-wide visibility with a full set of powerful tools. Besides, OmniVista 2500 VMM helps in automation of data center operations and streamlining visualization deployment. Similarly, OmniVista 3600 Air Manager provides full visibility and control over a wireless network with powerful and easy to use of wireless LAN management software suite. To top it off the ClearPass Policy Management System helps in rolling out BYOD services and controlling devices of an enterprise network with powerful network policy management.

ALE has served many companies to overcome their difficulties regarding network management. SMC Electric supply is one of them. SMC Electric Supply provides its customers with products from over 250 manufacturers, ranging from automation, data communications and electronics to pneumatics, safety, and security products. Each of SMC’s locations had its separate phone system from different service providers. Since staff always needed to make calls between sites, implementing several systems was expensive and inefficient for daily operations and maintenance. SMC staff found it difficult to consistently answer customers’ incoming calls, especially when out of the office. They needed phones they could carry around on site, and a call forwarding system to avoid losing calls from potential revenue-generating customers. All these problems got swiped away by leveraging ALE’s services. After that, SMC employees connect their phone to WiFi which allows greater flexibility to run meetings, call customers and invite guests from any location, and customer drop-off rate is significantly lower now as all calls are answered, helping to generate more revenue.

According to ALE, these aging infrastructures may not support the new wave of multimedia applications because they were never designed to provide the capacity needed to meet the instant-on, multi-device load generated by today’s business. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise aim is to continue to revolutionize the networking landscape while reducing costs, improving performance and security, and supporting new devices, technologies, and business use cases.