Cloudnexion: The Search for the Right Partner, Ends Here

Cloudnexion: The Search for the Right Partner, Ends Here

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Jake A Cummins, President, CloudnexionJake A Cummins, President
Modern Ethernet standards have grown to encompass technologies as computer networking has matured in paralell but the mechanics of operation for Ethernet networks today stem from Metcalfe’s original design from 1973. Today, Ethernet represents a burgeoning market with service providers' investments in IP routers, carrier Ethernet switches, and Ethernet access devices rising exponentially, driven by growing traffic requirements. Especially with the infiltration of the “Internet of Things” into multiple industries and the intelligent sharing of information via Machine-to-Machine (M2) communication, Ethernet has become all the more critical in delivering the ubiquitous connectivity promised by the Internet of Things--transforming a variety of industries–precisely as it has done over the past 40 years. "Whether it is industrial controls, automotive or the Internet of Things, Ethernet continues to show us its moxie."

In this situation, finding the right service and solution provider is like finding a needle in a haystack, unless you have a certain Jake A Cummins's firm, Cloudnexion in the contact list.


Because, for the past seven years, Cloudnexion has been doing one thing consistently, being the ideal managed networking partner, a one-stop-shop for sourcing and procuring network requirements. With their established value proposition of saving cost and time for clients throughout the world--and helping them at any point in the customer journey-- Cloudnexion has embossed its name in a market high on competition.

Cloudnexion essentially is a global technology and telecommunications consulting firm specializing in Global Data Center Procurement, providing critical connectivity for cloud enablement, and hybrid cloud deployments. Cloudnexion has over 800 global suppliers and has created a streamlined process for IT procurement. The firm leverages its broad range of experience and expertise to ensure that its customers have a true customer advocate when it comes to evaluating new solutions as well as reviewing their current network environment.
As a part of its methodology, Cloudnexion assists its clients throughout the entire client Life Cycle. Not only does Cloudnexion make sure that their clients make the most informed buying decisions, they all manage the installation of all services, handle all trouble ticket requests and escalation, resolve billing issues, and essentially become an extension of the clients team.

The firm offers a range of connectivity solutions for Ethernet Private Line, DIA, Wavelengths, SDWAN, Colocation, Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Metro Ethernet with the seamless interconnection between LANs and WANs, private and secure connections with layer two connectivity, lower operational costs, and true on-demand scalability. “As a one-stop-shop for the procurement of any networking requirement worldwide, our knowledge and international experience is a key differentiating factor for us,” says Jake A Cummins, President of Cloudnexion.

The Colorado-based company provides value to its customers through education, deep experience, and valuable relationships as it relates to guiding its customers through the telecom infrastructure sourcing and procurement process. “Giving our customers a single point of contact to which they can utilize for unbiased advice and guidance, project management support, escalations, and full ongoing support throughout the entire client life cycle is invaluable to our customers,” adds Cummins.

Cloudnexion’s knowledge of the global IP transit, transport, and colocation markets have enabled many of its large customers to significantly reduce time to market globally, costs, and the burden of these projects on internal resources. For instance, a large pension fund administrator approached Cloudnexion as they were facing poor connectivity issues at their Florida office that necessitated a resolution within 30 days. Cloudnexion arranged a quick call to assess the actual needs and within a few hours provisioned service order forms and was able to get the services installed faster than any other carrier or partner. The client’s requirements were fulfilled as they received a robust and stable internet service with higher data speeds, which consequently enabled its employees to be more productive.

Forging ahead, Cloudnexion plans to expand its talent pool by adding engineering and senior management resources as well as project and account management resources. The firm intends to offer additional services such as network monitoring and management. The company’s R&D team is focused on developing a holistic circuit inventory management software platform for its clients. “We aim to become a disruptive force within the telecommunications industry by providing our customers with invaluable knowledge, support, and service,” concludes Cummins.