Nitel: Smarter Technology Made Simple

Nitel: Smarter Technology Made Simple

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Rick Stern, CEO, NitelRick Stern, CEO
In today’s networks, there has been a sharp rise in traffic as employees access corporate data from multiple locations. IoT devices have increased rapidly everywhere in huge numbers. Network designs and support strategies need to be adjusted to tackle common challenges like poor network performance, security, configuration management, and cost. Nitel, a leading next-generation technology services provider, solves customers’ complicated IT issues to create seamless and integrated managed network solutions that propel its clients forward. Subsequently, clients can not only keep up with rapid advances in IT technology but also focus on innovation to stay competitive.

Nitel delivers optimum performance, flexibility, and value, enabling its clients to capitalize on the power of the cloud with adaptive, hybrid networks that leverage Nitel’s global software-defined network platform. The platform enables clients to improve application performance and deliver as per their users’ expectations. Routing policies are controlled centrally to deliver complete control over application performance while also providing optimum resilience and uptime. Multiple access links can be used simultaneously, increasing the amount of available bandwidth while eliminating the redundant links except in the case of an outage.

With a highly interconnected network fabric and the ability to source network from over 1,100 vendors, clients receive network solutions that comprise the best of what the marketplace has to offer. From SD-WAN to managed security services, the firm works with its clients to custom design a dynamic network solution that is more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.
Through comprehensive analysis, Nitel understands its clients’ current IT landscape, plans, challenges, and business priorities to ensure its solutions are responsive to the precise needs of the clients business. Armed with such insights, Nitel determines the best connectivity options for each location. At any given site, Nitel entertains options for MPLS, fiber or copper connectivity, cable broadband, DSL, wireless, cloud connection service, and satellite. Through its dedicated engineering staff, Nitel works with clients to design the optimum network solution by honing in on specific requirements such as bandwidth consumption, performance, resiliency, applications running at each location, and plans.

With an SD-WAN solution from Nitel, clients have granular control over business rules that dictate traffic flow and easy-to-use tools to monitor and report on their network in real-time. The firm builds the solution on a secure foundation to keep the network safe from web-based threats. SD-WAN is integrated with next-gen firewall and unified threat management that help to bulletproof the network while extending the security platform to mobile users and devices. Nitel provides a user-friendly web portal to have an on-demand view of all the sites and devices on the network. Administrators can access network performance metrics and customized reporting for all the applications. They can easily drill down by department, appliance, or time period to view bandwidth utilization, circuit availability, SLA metrics, and check for violations if any. The firm’s managed threat detection service collects, analyzes, and stores logs from networks, hosts, and critical applications. It extends visibility beyond the network perimeter to the application layer, helping clients achieve more effective identification and mitigation of security threats, and compliance validation with numerous regulatory and industry standards. Nitel offers flexible, reliable SIP trunking service as well and enables clients to enjoy advanced features like abbreviated dialing, virtual numbers, and built-in disaster recovery. With three different plans to choose from, clients can opt the one that fits their call patterns and volumes. All calls are routed over the Nitel network with the end-to-end class of service to guarantee unmatched call clarity.

Nitel’s best-in-class customer service and robust portfolio of network solutions are designed to meet all kinds of network challenges. Through its experienced and forward-thinking team, Nitel strives every day to improve the network experience for its clients.